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Vatnajokull Glacier Forecast - 11 April 2014

Friday, April 11th, 2014


Forecast Kite trip over Vatnajokull Glacier - Iceland
Date: 11 april 2014
Position: 64.7/-15.8

Day 1: 11 april 2014
: 64.7/-15.8
Wind: from 300-320 degrees true/average 4-8kt after 15/18utc becoming weak from variable directions
Weather: sunny and good conditions prevail
Temperatures: day time max: -2C night time min: -8C

Day 2: 12 april 2014
: 64,5/-16
Wind: from 080-100degrees true/average 10-15kt gusting up to 25kt between 12 and 18utc becoming weak from variable directions, after 18utc becoming  240-260/18-23kt gusting 30-35kt!!
Weather: becoming very cloudy overcast with outbreaks of snow
Temperatures: day time max: -2C night time min: -4C

Day 3: 13 april 2014
: 64,3/-16.5
Wind: from 300-320degrees true/average 13-18kt gusting up to 25kt after 12/15utc becoming weak from variable directions
Weather: very cloudy with still a few outbreaks of sleet/snow but gradually improving with sunny spells developing
Temperatures: day time max: 0C night time min: -8C

Pirhuk Greenland Forecast - 27 March

Thursday, March 27th, 2014


(c) Ben Cockwell

Matt @ Greenland 65.7/-36.9 - 27 March 2014

Day 1: 27 March 2014
Position:  65.7/-36.9
Wind:  NE 10-15kt after 9utc becoming N5-10kt
Weather:  weak sunny spells-clouds can still produce some slight snow- enlarging sunny spells after 15utc. Overall pretty warm.
Temperatures:  day max:-3/C night min:-10C

Day 2: 28 March 2014
Position: 65.7/-36.9
Wind: NE 8-12kt after 9/12utc becoming 13-17kt gusting 25kt
Weather: soon becoming overcast with outbreaks of snow-poor conditions prevail-warm!
Temperatures: day max: -2C/night min:-4C

Day 3: 29 March 2014
Position: 65.7/-36.9
Wind: ENE 13-17kt gust 25kt after 9/12utc becoming ENE 8-12ktgust 15kt
Weather: mostly overcast with outbreaks of snow: prevailing poor conditions
Temperatures: day max: -1C/night min: -4C

Pirhuk - Forecast - 23 march 14

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014


Latest position @ 65.7/-36.9 - 23 March 2014

Today: 23 march 2014
Position: 65.7/-36.9
Wind: NE 15-20kt soon becoming 25-30kt gusting up to 40kt
Weather: blizzard conditions develop: overcast/snow and blowing snow - poor conditions prevail!!!
Temperatures: day maximum: -8C/night minimum:-10C

Tomorrow: 24 march 2014
Wind: at 06/09utc: NE 15kt gradually becoming VAR 3-8kt
Weather: still very cloudy with slight snow: poor conditions prevail
Temperatures: day maximum: -7C/night minimum: -10C

Tuesday: 25 march 2014
Position: 65.7/-36.9
Wind: VAR 3-8kt after 24/3utc becoming: ENE25kt
Weather: very cloudy with a local snow shower-slightly better conditions
Temperatures: day maximum: -6/night minimum:: -10C


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