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First crossing of the Beringstrait on a Kite: Intro

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

First crossing of the Beringstrait on a Kite (2010)

Troy Henkels en Geza Scholtz will be the first to cross the Bering Strait on a kite.
www.weather4expeditions will advice them with the optimum day/time to start this challenging trip.
The Bering Strait  is a 56 mile stretch of water separating North America from Russia. The International Dateline runs down the center of the Bering Strait. This little part of the planet is characterized by high winds and crazy ocean currents which makes this mission extremely dangerous.

This challenge is taking place in the summer 2010. In the meantime www.weather4expeditions will inform you with interesting facts about climate and ocean currents in the Bering Strait.

Troy is an experienced adventurer who lives in Alaska. His passion for exploration has taken him to some of the harshest and most remote environments on Earth including the South Pole, Mount Everest, and the North Pole(April 2010).  In 2005, he attempted to walk from Alaska to Russia across the Bering Strait.  In 2007 he made history by becoming the first person to kiteboard in Antarctic waters.  And in 2008 he was the first to kiteboard on Alaska’s infamous and perilous Bore Tide on Turnagain Arm.

Geza is an avid traveler, having visited more than 30 countries, many of them on kiteboarding expeditions, including; Namibia, India, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Egypt, and Venezuela, to name a few. He has been kiteboarding since 9 years, thus experiencing the changes and progression of the sport  His enthusiasm for extreme sports usually finds him snowboarding, wakeboarding, or downhill biking when he isn’t in the water kiteboarding.  When not traveling the world he lives in Zürich, Switzerland and works as a dentist.  Geza’s passion for extreme adventure is the driving force behind this expedition.

Kiting across the Bering Strait: debrief

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

photographs by Björn Detre

Last summer supported a unique attempt to kite across the Bering Strait. Troy Henkels and Geza Scholtz were the first men to go for this challenge. Here is a short report and some photographs of their experience.

In August of 2010, Geza Scholtz and Troy Henkels attempted to be the first to kiteboard across the Bering Strait from Alaska to Russia. This stretch of water, although short on distance (100km), offers up some of the most challenging weather and ocean conditions on the planet. If this weren’t challenge enough, the logistics involved with an expedition to the far reaches of the north American continent and across the International date line into Russia are frustratingly complex.  None the less, Geza and Troy were able to get the required permits from the Russians and made several attempts to get across the Strait.  Initially, due to support boat engine failures their attempts were unsuccessful.  And, ultimately their final attempt proved unsuccessful as well, when they were turned back due to lack of wind after making it part way across the Strait.

So the challenge is still open. Anyone tempted?

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